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The Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France Annual Conference 2016 Aston University Conference Aston, ground floor of Aston Business School Building 6-7 September 2016

Transitions Programme

Tuesday 6 September 2016 Conference exhibitors may be found in refreshments area on the north side of the ground floor of Aston Business School 9:00-10:15

Arrival, registration and refreshments Conference Aston Ground Floor Foyer


Welcome by the President of the ASMCF, Jan Windebank [ROOM]

10:30- 12:30 Parallel sessions 1, 2 and 3 Parallel session 1: Contemporary cultural transitions

Parallel session 2: Public policy in transition

Parallel session 3: French overseas territories in transition

Room TBC

Room TBC

Room TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: Nathalie Mrgudovic (Aston)

Isha Pearce (Nottingham) Title: Reshaping Lands, Reshaping Bodies: Transitions of Leisure Space in Marie NDiaye's Novels

Abigail Taylor (Sheffield) Title: French work-family policy

Sarah Mohamed-Gaillard (Inalco, Paris) Title: Transitions de la politique ultramarine de la France sous la Ve République

Jonathan Ervine (Bangor) Title: From the Pitch to the PlayStation and back Marine Orain (Birkbeck) Title: French intellectuals and new media: the democratisation of “engagement” Rebecca DeRoo (Rochester IT) Title: Reframing urban transformation in Agnès Varda’s Parisian Daguerreotypes

Jan Windebank (Sheffield) Title: Has France made the transition to become a gender-egalitarian welfare state? Samuel Matuszewski (Nottingham) Title: Ecole en crise, école en transition: The collège and the shift from discipline to control in French education Amina Easat-Daas (Aston) Title: Laïcité, Muslim women’s dress and political participation in Belgium

Justin Daniel (Université des Antilles) Title: France and its “old colonies”: towards a restructuring of the French state? Nathalie Mrgudovic (Aston) Title: The French overseas territories of the South Pacific and France Sarah Wood (York) Title: Development, environment and the meanings of ‘green’: The French government’s 1975 Plan Vert for Guyane


Lunch ROOM

14:15-15:15 Parallel sessions 4, 5 and 6 Parallel session 4: Music in transition

Parallel session 5: Translational transitions

Room TBC

Room TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Chris Tinker (Heriot-Watt) Title: France through the decades: French media coverage of popular music nostalgia

Francis Kierszenbaum (Paris 3) Title: Transition: quand on ne sait plus traduire, on décrète la réalité!

Danielle Marx-Scouras (Ohio State) Title: “Shake that thing again”, “Boui-boui” sounds and “vagabond lovers” from Marseilles

Nicole Fayard (Leicester) Title: Translating/ Transcoding Shakespearian time and space in the twenty-first century

15:30-16:30 16:30-17:00

ASMCF annual meeting Room Refreshments

Parallel session 6: Republican values in transition Room TBC Panel Chair: TBC Emile Chabal (Edinburgh) Title: Why so much republicanism? Philippe Marlière (UCL) Title: French republicanism: the new conservative consensus?


Plenary Session: Peter Morris Memorial Lecture Guest Speaker: Sudhir Hazareesingh Chair: Jan Windebank ROOM: TBC

18: 45

Small group meetings Rooms


Vin d’honneur John Foster Hall Bar Welcome by Simon Green


Conference dinner John Foster Hall Dining Room


Cash bar in Conference Aston. Alternatively, the Sacks of Potatoes, the on-campus pub

Wednesday 7 September 2016 Conference exhibitors may be found in the refreshments area 9:00-10:30

Parallel sessions 7, 8 and 9

Parallel session 7: Asserting identities in France and Algeria Room TBC

Parallel session 8: Transitions in Vichy studies Room TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: Steve Wharton (Bath)

Andrew Smith (UCL) Title: Inventing internal colonialism: Brittany and the Languedoc, 1961-1981

David Lees (Warwick) Title: Feeding the myth of plenty: food and the everyday in Vichy documentary film

David Hanley (Portsmouth) Title: From la petite Europe vaticane to the Club-Med: the French Socialist Party and the challenges of European integration

Harry Stopes (UCL) Title: Globalisation and local identity: The Roubaix Exhibition, 1911.

Lindsey Dodd (Huddersfield) Title: Evacuation and child health in Vichy France, 1943-1945: examples from the Creuse

Chris Reynolds (Nottingham Trent) Title: Europe and the French presidential elections

Mason Norton (Edge Hill) Title: A la découverte de la toile d'araignée? Resistance and the everyday, 1940-1944

Nick Startin (Bath) Title: Between pragmatism and populism: the Gaullist movement divided over Europe

Rabah Aissaoui (Leicester) Title: The Jeunes Algériens movement in the early twentieth century in Algeria

Parallel session 9: Europe and French Politics Room TBC Panel Chair: TBC



11.00-12:30 Parallel sessions 10, 11 and 12 Parallel session 10: Racism and immigration Parallel session 11: Securitarian Transitions policy 1983-84.

Parallel session 12: Nineteenth-century transitions

Room TBC

Room TBC

Room TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Daniel Gordon (Edge Hill) Title: The ten-year residency permit of 1984: A victory for the Marche pour l'Egalité?

Oliver Davis (Warwick) Title: Security studies and ‘la criminologie’: The securitarian turn in university-level research in Britain and France

Benjamin Bâcle (UCL) Title: French Republic in the making: Victor Cousin and the rationalisation of the monarchy

Jeremy Ahearne (Warwick) Title: Cultural insecurity: Production and recognition

Clare Siviter (Warwick) Title: Tragic transitions: The use of tragedy in mediating the Revolution under Napoleon

Sophie Fuggle (Nottingham Trent) Title: Curating the camp

Christophe Miqueu (Bordeaux) Title: Transition démocratique et morale laïque : la construction républicaine au rythme du principe de laïcité à travers le regard de Ferdinand Buisson.

Rachida Brahim (Aix-Marseille) Title: Le processus de racialisation peut-il être affecté par un tournant politique? Ludivine Bantigny (Rouen) Title: L’immigration dans les médias. Y a-t-il vraiment un « tournant » en 1983?


Lunch Room

14:00-15:30 Parallel sessions 13, 14 and 15 Parallel session 13: Sociolinguistic Transitions

Parallel session 14: Transitions in political identities and discourse

Parallel session 15: Regulating intimacies

Room TBC

Room TBC

Room TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: TBC

Panel Chair: Name

William Rispin (Warwick) Title: Les Républicains and the challenges of a political system in transition

Romain Thomazeau (Paris 1) Title: Act Up-Paris: la colère pour ne pas mourir

Nick Hewlett (Warwick) Title: Sarkozy and the presidential elections

Steve Wharton (Bath) Title: Transitions of status, discourses of damnation, or not quite liberté égalité fraternité – debates over civil partnership and gay marriage in France

Maggie Allison (Bradford) Title: Francité/Trans(c)ité du discours in French media: Sclerosis or osmosis? Emmanuelle Labeau (Aston) Title: What can linguists bring to social scientists? The corpus approach Sonia Branca (Paris 3) Title: Etrangers, migrants, minorités dans le corpus CFPP2000. Nomination et construction du sens Hélène Blondeau (Florida), Rudi Janssens (Vrije Universiteit Brussels), Emmanuelle

Laurent Binet (Coventry) Title: Mutations et transitions dans les discours eurosceptiques français de 1992 à nos jours

Emily St Denny (Nottingham Trent) Title: Gradually transforming an enduringly weak regime: The steady transition of contemporary French prostitution policy (1946-2015)

Labeau (Aston) Title: Language practices and globalisation in two metropolises: Spoken French and the sociolinguistic making of Montreal and Brussels 15:00: End of conference and departure

Supported by the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France, the Service Culturel de l’Ambassade de France

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